ORORO Battery Quick Start Guide & Troubleshooting

If your battery is not working properly, please find the instruction given in the Quick Start Guide below:

  1. Please check the green light on the charger would turn on when it is charging.
  2. Please press the button the battery to see all the 4 orange solid lights could light up after a full charge.
  3. If you confirm that the battery can be fully charged, please press the button on the front chest of the jacket for 3-5 seconds while it is connected to the battery. And then please tell us if the power button can light up.
If the problem cannot be resolved, please feel free to contact us at support@ororowear.com. Or if possible, please send us a short video clip for our better understanding of the issue. Our warranty claim team will message you back as soon as possible and assist you with the warranty claim.

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