What are the directions?

  1. First, we recommend charging your battery for 6-8 hours for a full charge. Connect your fully-charged battery to the wire located in the inner pocket of your jacket.
  2. Hold down the square ORORO logo (located on the chest of your garment) until it blinks red. Once blinking red, give the item 5 minutes to preheat. After preheating, your garment should be noticeably warmer. The initial cycle of the heating looks as follows: Preheat (Blinking Red) > High (Solid Red) > Medium (White)  > Low (Blue). The preheat setting is only available when the jacket first turns on.
  3. Click the ORORO logo once to leave the preheat stage and enter the high setting. This should make the flashing red light turn to a solid red color.
  4. Clicking the logo again will switch to a medium heat setting. The logo on the jacket will turn white.
  5. Lastly, clicking the logo once more will switch to a low heat setting. The logo on the jacket will turn blue. At this point, each click will continue to cycle the jacket to high, medium, and low temperature settings.
  6. In order to turn off the heating components of the jacket, press and hold down on the ORORO logo. When held down, the logo should blink once before the light turns off. The jacket may be powered down at any setting. Once the light is off, the jacket may take a few minutes for the heat to completely fade away.

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